People from all over the world enjoy learning German at the EURASIA language school in a relaxed atmosphere. The international diversity in our German language courses guarantees an interesting and exciting intercultural experience.
The EURASIA Institute offers a wide variety of German courses ranging:

  • from German courses preparing for university entrance in Germany
  • to intensive German courses for groups and individuals
  • as well as individual training in business German for managers
  • and thematic German courses for groups
  • and even Summer camps for teenagers

You may book each language level separately or, if you wish, you can take the whole German Language Intensive course. Each level takes 6 weeks. We offer German courses at all language levels from A1 to C2 with both intensive courses and individual tailor-made solutions with a maximum of 15 participants in one group: Once you have taken our placement test it is possible for you to join any of our running courses at just the right level.


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