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What has attracted more than 5900 bright students to invest the most exciting years of their lives at Abu Dhabi University? The reasons are as diverse as the students themselves.

For some, it is the attraction of a globally competitive and innovative education — with 24 undergraduate and 10 postgraduate programs that open the gateway to remarkable careers worldwide.

For others, it is our exceptional reputation in the job market, which has seen a phenomenal employability rate surpassing 90%.

Yet there are others for whom the irresistible appeal lies in our colorful, vibrant student community — with over 55 nationalities blending in the pulsating, fast-growing metropolis of Abu Dhabi that is full of possibilities.

It is hard to pinpoint which of Abu Dhabi University’s strengths is the biggest. But the beauty of it is that you don’t have to choose; because this is the university where you can pursue it all.

From world-class facilities and a decade of academic excellence that has seen us ranked among the world’s best institutions; to our international partnerships; to well recognized faculty members who inspire students to leave the ordinary behind and achieve the extraordinary…

Enjoy the journey of discovery ahead; because we believe that every single one of our students has the power to change the world in their own way.

Nabil Ibrahim



Faculty Numbers :

  • University College: 22
  • College of Business Administration: 42
  • College of Engineering: 48
  • College of Arts & Sciences: 26
  • Military College: 62

Campus Facts :

  • A diverse student body with over 5900 students from all over the world – representing over 55 different nationalities
  • Ground floor area: 13 800 square meters
  • First floor area: 13 800 square meters
  • Second floor area: 13 800 square meters
  • Third floor area: 1600 square meters
  • A total of 100 classrooms
  • 6 computer labs‎
  • 2 scientific labs‎
  • 8 specialized labs‎
  • 233 multi purpose rooms‎
  • 6 elevators‎
  • 2 cafeterias
  • 2 student union rooms‎
  • 8 prayer rooms ‎
  • 2 waiting rooms‎
  • 1 Auditorium with a seating Capacity of 630
  • Food Court Area with 9 food outlets ‎(Farouj, Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts , High Quality Restaurant,
    Dolce Coffee Shop, Subway, Nabras Restaurant, Yogurberry and Cinnamon City)
  • Large, modern, library with state of the art electronic resources, facilities with ample ‎reading and research area
  • Separate outdoor sports and recreational facilities including a gymnasium, two football pitches, one tennis court, one basketball and one volleyball court.
  • Landscaped Gardens

Phase 2 Developments

  • Housing for staff, faculty and students
  • School – Nursery to Grade 12‎
  • Multipurpose Hall ‎
  • Expansion of classrooms



  • Create a student-centered learning environment conducive to intellectual and personal growth of students


  • Meet the needs of our stakeholders and be a responsive contributor to our community


  • Achieve academic excellence at every level


  • Achieve operational excellence by creating a service oriented organization characterized by evidence-based assessment and continual improvement


  • Instill a culture of valuing people and create an environment conducive to innovation and professional excellence of faculty and staff


  • Reach a sustainable financial position with the ongoing capacity to invest in growth and the pursuit of excellence

Abu Dhabi University is recognized as a national university of choice for quality education, applied research that drives regional economic development, and enjoys international accreditation.


The mission of Abu Dhabi University is to offer highly rewarding career oriented undergraduate and graduate degree programs aligned with the needs of United Arab Emirates and the region through excellence in teaching, student learning, faculty scholarship and engagement in community development.



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