Great experiences live forever, and that is more than true, as a student studying abroad, I have understand that studying in a different country will bring a lot benefits, especially on time management, self discipline, and self organization. Your personality will be created by everyday actions taken by you, so you will create your own self, whether to be successful or a less successful student. I learnt that studying abroad can really make a big difference on each one’s life, new friends, new cultures, new attractions to see, and a lot of new things to face. But is it really a good idea to study abroad? Should you make that choice? Don’t worry; I made a complete list of things that you will learn, experience, and benefit from this opportunity.

Peoples like me call this type of opportunities a Gold Opportunity that life gave to us. It is not just about getting a degree, not even just about education; it is all about learning to live on your own. Managing your expenses, managing your time, doing things in the right way, or at least trying, this is the way of becoming a real person. That is what studying abroad can give you. While writing this, I made a list of top 4 benefits that I have gotten while studying abroad.

  1. Time ManagementMost of students don’t know how to manage their time, or at least they haven’t tried it. It is maybe because they don’t know how important is to make a schedule for almost everything. This is something that characterizes successful peoples, my friend Peter Bekelis has been my so called coach on my finances, organizing and other stuff like this. I have learnt a lot from him. As a study abroad student, you will learn to manage your time, to do things in an organized way, so you will have enough time for anything you want.  
  2. Manage Your Finances: While you are still on high school, your parents will take care of all this “small” things, but while abroad, you will start to manage your finances, it is very important to know how to manage your finances because you will be ending broke in the end of the month, believe me, you won’t like that. My friend Peter Bekelis has a great quote “Keep your pocket close”. Really, if you are serious, you will learn to save money, you will learn to manage yourself financially. In the long run, this will be the most important lesson that you will get while studying abroad.  
  3. Meet New Peoples: Life is great, but peoples near you make it special. Even if you live in the best country in the world, if you don’t have good friends, that would be pointless. So studying abroad will help you gain new friends, new connections, and learn new cultures.
  4. Experiences: Studying abroad is the perfect way to experience new things, see new attractions, meet new peoples, and learn new cultures. This is all about new experiences.



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