İstanbul Kültür University is a foundation university founded as public corporation on 15th of July, 1997 in accordance with the Code numbered 4281. It provides education and schooling pursuant to the Code of Higher Education numbered 2457, and it has the same rights and capacity as a state university.

The obvious goal of Turkish Republic, which is going beyond the civilized nations, is only possible by our youth’s receiving a quality education in all levels. In this respect, the main objective of İstanbul Kültür University is providing Quality Higher Education.

Istanbul Kültür University which started its education life with 3 faculties in the academic year of 1997-1998, now accepts students to 19 higher education programmes in 5 faculties.

Faculty of Science and Letters
– Physics
– English Language and Literature
– Mathematics and Computer Science
– Moleculer Biology and Genetics
– Psychology
– Turkish Language and Literature

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
– Economics
– Business Administration
– International Relations

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
– Computer Engineering
– Electronic Engineering
– Civil Engineering
– Architecture

Faculty of Art and Design
– Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (Special Ability)
– Communication Arts
– Communication Design (Multimedia) (Special Ability)
– Art Management


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