Message from the Principal

Greetings from SEGi College Sarawak!

SEGi College Sarawak stands as one of the largest private colleges in Borneo, offering industry-driven programmes, from foundation programmes to Master Degrees.

The College has a strong proven record, with thousands of graduates having passed through our doors and gone on to secure successful careers.

The College understands the many different needs of its students, whether they are fresh school leavers or working adults. Students who are looking for academic excellence can rest assured that we are committed to helping them succeed and reach their goals.

For students who may have problems grasping their academic pursuits, the College’s dedicated lecturers are committed to ensuring students are not left behind. And working adults can be assured of the same care.

Stella Lau

(Principal, SEGi College Sarawak)


About The Campus:

SEGi College Sarawak is seen as the gateway for the Group to East Malaysia. Established with the prime objective of providing quality training to school leavers to prepare them for their future, SEGi College Sarawak today stands as one of the largest private colleges in East Malaysia.

SEGi College Sarawak offers a wide range of programmes to meet the requirements of today’s employers. Following their expansion into nursing and healthcare-related qualifications as well as the addition of the American Degree Programme (ADP), the college now has three campuses within close proximity to each other.

The main campus is situated at the heart of the capital city of Kuching, providing students with access to local amenities nearby such as banks, restaurants, hotels and shopping centres. The Kuching Main Campus provides programmes in the fields of management, accountancy, hospitality, law and IT.

The newly opened Faculty of Nursing and Allied Health currently offers the Diploma in Nursing, Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology and the Diploma in Environmental Health.

The third campus is the Training Centre where the vocational and hands-on courses are conducted offering a range of certificates allowing students to seek careers in automotive maintenance, tourism, desktop publishing, hospitality and customer service.

SEGi College Sarawak comprises a team of dedicated and highly qualified managers and academicians coming together to deliver quality programmes that are recognised internationally while also being fine-tuned to the needs of Sarawak’s economic and social development objectives.


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