Who we are and What we do?

Eurasia Global Management Expert Sdn.Bhd (EGME Sdn Bhd) is an Educational Organization offering wide range of services covering Central & South Asian Region. EGME Sdn.Bhd with a registration number 1103096-U, under its charter, the company has the rights to engage in various activities, which also include engaging in consulting activities with educational purposes. Under these jurisdictions, EGME Sdn Bhd is signed agreements with several local and foreign institutions for sending its members and other interested bodies who would like to further continue their studies in various fields. Furthermore,our main aim is to consult and assist Malaysian local students and International students into Malaysian higher learning institutions.EGME Sdn.Bhd offers wide range of services and operating in several sectors including Education provider, Education Consulting, Event Management, Business consulting and Investment. Since the establishment EGME Sdn.Bhd has been working and cooperating with hundreds of higher learning institutions in Malaysia and overseas. We have developed wide range of reputation on Education Sector by cooperating with tremendous amount of Local and International Universities and bringing in into Central & South Asian Market. Our highest goal is to achieve in every fields that we develop.

Our mission

We strive to find every possibility to assist our youth to broaden their knowledge and understanding on Modern Sciences, Computer Sciences and Technological Sciences. At the same time, we strive to find every possibility to find donors, sponsors and other interested bodies who would like financially to assist our students. We strongly believe that good education today is a sign of our brighter future and brighter future of our Country.To equip youth with modern knowledge, to provide assistance and consultations to choose right place for education are our main struggle.We also believe that equipping our youth with modern sciences, will accelerate our development, transfer of technology, computerizing of our country and higher standards for our society.


Main objectives are to contribute for the development of Malaysia, to provide quality educational consulting services, financial assistance and supports to our students. Those objectives defined in various fields, such as attracting foreign direct investments, promoting and contributing for the educational development of the society on a sphere of Technology and modern sciences.Now, the company is engaging on activities to assist, consult and support students who would like to further continue their studies in higher educational institutions within Malaysia or overseas.

The main reason for EGME Sdn Bhd being attracted into local Malaysian institutions are due to that, Malaysia is becoming Educational Hub of the World and other stipulation such as:
High quality of education
Professional teaching systems by professionals
Technological and scientific developments of the country
Affordable price of Education compare to western countries
Friendly attitude of Malaysians towards foreign citizens
High morals of Malaysian culture and its customs
PTPTN / MARA loan availability for Malaysian students
Less cultural shock for International students since Malaysia has an International environment with multi-cultural population
Home grown and double degree education systems provided by local institutions